Teaching activities and mentoring

I am very happy to transfer my own musical experience and knowledge to the younger generation. This I have been doing for many years now.

In my musical career I remain active in pedagogical work as well as other musical areas, namely:
- Music producer in the studio,
- Mentor to work with bands,
- Music teacher: low brass, accordion, chamber groups (brass quintet NZ...),
- Mentor at Avsenik music workshops,
- Member of the jury at music competitions (Avsenik, Vurberk, Dialectal songs, Hit festival, Slovenian polka and waltz, Števerjan ...).

I also took part in the writing and publication of textbooks and manuals for the Diatonic Accordion: Zoran Lupinc: Diatonic Accordion 1 & 2,  Collection of Local Songs for the Accordion 1, 2, 3 (Editor, arranger, scorewriting, etc.)

I also wrote a collection of tunes for Children's Choir accompanied by piano entitled 'A Naughty Pile'.